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Over recent years, there has been a convergence of technology into a single unified solution for homeowners and businesses.  Most of today’s audio, video and security technologies have moved to IP based communications, meaning that disparate systems now have a single communication language superior to what was available a decade ago. 

Equally important to the customer is the fact that managing multiple vendors in your home or business can be burdensome. Let ITS Integrated be your single source provider and we'll show you that it's easier to understand and learn with us by your side. 

ITS Integrated realizes that each client has their own specific goals in implementing audio, video or security and our approach allows us to tailor our solutions to work the way you see fit.

Another advantage to a single source vendor is that you only have one call to make when something isn’t working properly.  There’s no need to call multiple vendors or worry about one vendor blaming another for service interruption.  We’re there to solve all of your problems!

ITS Integrated has over 25 years experience implementing audio, video and security solutions and we receive continuing education from our vendors on a routine basis to make certain we stay abreast of changes coming our way.