Security and Fire Alarms

ITS Security offers a wide variety of security alarm systems to both residential and commercial clients.

Our security alarm systems are custom designed and they range with components for homes and businesses of all sizes. We do not to believe that a one size fits all, cookie cutter approach that are mass marketed today.

We sit down with you and discuss what exactly is needed and within your budget. You receive a detailed proposal of what the system will include. All security alarm systems are sold, we do not lease systems.

Our systems may also include smoke and heat detectors for a fire alarm package as well.

ITS Security installs, monitors and service a large number of control panels that include Napco, DSC, Caddx, Fire-Lite, Silent Knight and Honeywell, just to name a few.

We receive numerous calls from alarm customers that are not happy with their current security provider. If you are unhappy with your current alarm company and you do not have contractual obligations to them, we welcome your inquiry. We have the ability to take over, service and monitor a wide variety of systems.

Alarm System Components:

Security Control Panel: This is the main control of the entire security system. Typically, the control panel is hidden from plain sight - located in a closet or utility room - and is connected to all other security alarm components including an existing telephone line.

Security Keypads :These are installed at the main entrance of your home or business and allows you get in and out of the premise. A digital display notes whether the security alarm is armed or disarmed. If equipped with a speaker (two-way) system, opearators at the central monitoring station can talk directly through the keypads to check if a person who has tripped the alarm is authorized to be there.

Door / Windows Contacts :These magnetic devices are placed along door jams and window frames and trigger the alarm system when opened.

Motion Detectors : Also known as passive infrared (PIR) detectors, these devices trip the alarm by sensing changes in the infrared energy levels when an intruder is in the area.

Glass Break Detectors:These sensors identify the acoustic sound waves of glass breaking.


Smoke Detectors : Detects smoke or unusually high temperature, sounds an alarm to warn your family of a possible fire while simultaneously alerting the central monitoring station.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors : Carbon monoxide detectors analyze the air for hazardous levels of CO, a silent killer of thousands of people every year. 

Sirens :These loud horns can be attached to the inside and outside of the building and may include strobe lights to draw immediate attention to the intrusion.