ITS - Automated Gate Solutions

Either residential or commercial, a gate is an effective way to restrict access to your property while adding to its value. ITS Security builds custom gates for homes and businesses. From designing the ornate gate and columns to the remote controls we have the expertise to satisfy your needs.

ITS Security's gate automation solutions offer added security for your home. An automated gate can keep intruders and unwanted guests out of your property. It also offers safety for your children and pets keeping them out of harms way. In rural areas wild life can not enter your property to destroy valuable vegetation.

Automating an existing gate adds convenience and security with minimum investment. Many gates that are not automated remain in the open position more often than closed. When inclement weather occurs, simply push a button and enter your property.

ITS Security offers maintenance contracts to insure trouble free operation of your gate automation solutions. This will add to the life span of system.

Some gate automation solutions offer battery back-up systems which can be used if power failures occur. These battery back-up systems are used only when power is interrupted and offers seamless operation in areas that are susceptible to power failures.

All our gate automation solutions offer a key release in case of power failure or loss of remote controls

ITS Security represents BFT Automation who has have been making life more comfortable and more secure for millions of people in more than one hundred countries worldwide.