Business Owners Products


Keep your business secure from theft, vandalism and liability.  Provide a visually and audibly pleasing surrounding for your customers.  Whether you’re a small retail property or a large industrial/commercial facility, ITS has the resources to implement a solution that reduces costs, and improves customer retention.


Below are ways we serve you, the Business Owner:


Security & Fire Alarm Systems: 

Let us help you protect your business from invasion with a comprehensive business security system.  Our commercial grade security systems can do much more than just secure your business, it can also monitor and track your employees and your assets. (Click Here To Link To Security Section Master Page)

Benefits:24 hour monitoring, peace of mind, prevent asset losses, track employee access to key areas, discreet fire/security/hold up reporting, cooler/freezer failure alerts.

Access Control:

Access controls ensure that only authorized individuals have access to key areas in your business.  ITS implements the latest technologies using standard keypad entry, card access and fingerprint readers.  (Click Here To Go To Access Control Solutions)

Benefits:Have control over employees’ and sub-contractors’ access to your business, detailed reporting of entry/exit times and locations, simplified distribution of entry devices (no more keys or need to change door locks when an employee is terminated).

Video Surveillance:

Today, most business owners are outfitting their homes with video surveillance systems and recording activity in their businesses.  These systems are surprisingly affordable and can be integrated with your security system and cash registers.  (Click Here To Link To Video Surveillance Section Master Page)

Benefits:24 hour premise recording, remotely view premises, track cashier transactions with integrated video, loss prevention, prevent frivolous lawsuits from customers, stores detailed facial images of those who enter your business.

Electric Gate Access

Gated access to your business ensures unwanted guests can get nowhere near your front door.  ITS has a wide selection of physical access control devices to secure the perimeter of your business property. Click here for gate access.

Benefits:Security of your entire premises, key fob or keypad open closing/ automatic closings, intercom access into business from gate, video identification from within business.

Business Audio & Video:

Keep your customers in a good mood and inform them of advertising specials available at your business.  ITS can install a complete audio/video solution for your business that can include timed advertisements for promoting special offers you have available.  Changes your tailored marketing messages weekly, monthly, or anytime you’d like.  (Click Here To Link To Business Audio Section Master Page)

Benefits:Gets rid of dead noise in your business and provides a more appealing shopping experience, provide tailored marketing to your customers, gives your customers a visual presentation of products and specials