ITS - Automation & Control Systems

An Internet enabled Home Control system is here today. Upgrade your household with a home automation system. Multiple options exists for your home control system. Whether you are home or away. Check and adjust lighting controls, temperaure, energy management, audio and the security system, home automation can transform the way you live in your home.

ITS Integrated of Knoxville,TN custom designs home automation to fit your lifestyle and home. Everything is customized and integrated during the installation and all functions are controlled via touchscreens, consoles, iPhones, iPads or one or many other remote controls.

Our factory trained installers will setup and enabled your internet connected home control system and give you complete control of almost every aspect of your home. ITS Integrated utilizes an automated simplified approach to the home control system.. 

Benefits :

  • Internet Access & Control - Multiple programs allows you to control and the status of your home from anywhere via the internet.
  • Home Theater - Use a Touchscreen or an iPad to control your theater and home automation system..
  • Lighting Controls - Have lights automatically turn off when leaving your home. Have lighting control for the "lived-in" look when on vacation.
  • Energy Management - Be comfortable at home, save energy when away. Thermostats sense the temperature inside and out then adjust accordingly to keep you cozy.
  • Multi-Room Audio - Control music and sound in every room and even program playlists and presets stations.
  • Security System - Access your security system from anywhere, auto-arm when you're away. Detect intrusion, automatically turn on lights, activate automation when a zone is activated. View a guest arriving or kids at the pool with surveillance cameras.
  • Irrigation - Control irrigation solenoid valves for lawn sprinklers, plus inputs of rain sensing..
  • Pool & Spa - Secure pool areas with access control. Control pumps, filters,timers and temperatures..


ITS's Integrated of Knoxville,TN home automation systems are truly a step into the future. For a brief demonstration of our home control system, click here.